Sep. 14–16, 2018: Stainsby (Gilwell) Reunion
All adult members with at least Wood Badge/Beads Part I training are invited to attend this weekend of networking, fellowship, and sharing Scouting ideas.
Sep. 21–23, 2018: Weekend on the Water
A weekend of canoeing and kayaking for Explorers and Senior Explorers (ages 11-17).
Oct. 12–14, 2018: Fall Otteree and Wolforee
Weekend camps for Otters and Timber Wolves.
Oct. 19–21, 2018: Rover Moot: Beware the Mania 2018
Theme: "Under Construction".
Nov. 23–25, 2018: Golden Arrow Youth Leader Training
Leadership training for PLs, APLs, etc.
Nov. 30 to Dec. 2, 2018: Wood Beads Part I Training
This training weekend for new adult volunteers will prepare you for your role as a Scouter.
Sat., Dec. 8, 2018: Special General Meeting
All adult members of the Association are invited to attend and vote.
Sat., Feb. 23, 2019: Timber Car Races
All sections are invited to race model cars.
Sat., Apr. 6, 2019: Scouters' Conference and Annual General Meeting
Members of the Association will gather to share their Scouting knowledge and skills with each other. At the AGM, members will hear reports, elect officers, and vote to set the direction for the next year. All adult members have a vote.
June 7–9, 2019: Ontario Jamboree
Weekend jamboree for all sections.
June 21–23, 2019: Canoe Training and Certification Camp
Paddle Canada instruction and certification.
August 18–23, 2019: Otter and Timber Wolf Summer Camp
A week of summer Scouting.
September 27–29, 2019: Wood Beads Part II Training
Weekend 1 of 2 of the advance level adult training.

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