Starting a new group

Traditional Scouting is growing in Canada and we invite you to be part of it by joining the Canadian Traditional Scouting Association. You can join an existing group or start a new one. To learn about groups in your area, contact us.

Starting a new group is not difficult. Here are the steps:

  • Talk to us: Let us know you are interested in starting a group. We’ll chat about our organization and help you decide if our Association is right for you. We are here to help.
  • Build your team: Recruit adults to serve as program Scouters. Every youth program section (age group) needs at least two and the group as a whole needs at least three. Recruit a treasurer and other support volunteers as needed. Everyone needs to complete our adult screening process, starting with a Vulnerable Sector Police Record Check.
  • Recruit youth: Young people are the reason Scouting exists.
  • Find a meeting place: Many religious organizations, community centres, schools, etc. have spaces that are suitable for meeting and will donate their use to Scouting. A large room like a gym is ideal. Storage space is also helpful. Your group can show appreciation for use of the hall by providing service for the host organization.
  • Complete your application forms: There is a charter application form for the group and a membership form for each person. Ask us for the forms.
  • Complete your screening: All adults must complete our thorough volunteer screening process which includes a police record vulnerable sector check, interview, reference checks, and supervision.

What we provide

  1. Program events: Camporees, youth leader training, and overseas trips are among the program events your unit can participate in.
  2. Joint activities: Have a joint event between your unit and another unit.
  3. Adult training: Formal training course, the annual Scouters’ conference, and the annual Scouters’ weekend are all opportunities to deepen your knowledge about Scouting.
  4. Mentoring: Experienced Scouters are available by email, phone, or visit to help you succeed.
  5. Supplies: Our quartermaster supplies uniforms, badges, books, and other items needed for Scouting.
  6. Program ideas: Places to camp, things to see, activities to do. We have ideas to make your program shine.

As a part of our Scouting Association, you’re part of a team. We are here to help you succeed in bringing Baden-Powell’s vision to the 21st Century. Contact us to learn more.