Summer update

Fellow Scouters,

Summer marches on and governments are lessening the restrictions put in place to battle COVID-19. In Ontario, day Scouting events are allowed under safety guidance from the Ontario Ministry of Health (no overnight camping).

COVID-19 remains a serious disease and you must take precautions in the planning and execution of such activities. Please speak with me before planning any in-person Scouting activities.

There is a lot of interest in our Scouting association. Everyone should feel free to speak about what we do and what makes Traditional Scouting special. If anyone outside of our association asks you for program books or materials, or is otherwise looking for detailed information about the association, please refer them to me.

We are reviewing some of our policies and we are consulting with members about what the policies should say. Please see below for draft policies and send us your feedback.

Finally, the closing ceremonies for our Web-Jamboree will take place this Saturday, July 25 via teleconference.

Rod Smith
National Commissioner

Policy drafts for consultation:

  • Alcohol: Policy regarding alcohol consumption at association events.
  • Adult screening and police record checks: Screening procedure for new adult members.
  • Bank account signers: Requirements about signing officers on group bank accounts.
  • Rover Round Table: Policy framework for establishing Rover Round Tables.

As well, there is a proposal to change the maximum age for membership in the Rover Youth section from 24 to 30.

These drafts were sent by email to members on July 23. Please read these drafts and then send in your feedback.

Please visit our Facebook page for photos of recent events.