Annual General Meeting, May 2020

Update: See the post-meeting AGM summary.

Dear Fellow Scouters,

One of my ancestors once said “may you live in interesting times”. I am not sure that a pandemic meets that definition. It is, however, an opportunity for our society to reflect on what is important in life and what is not. For example, I was impressed at how polite everyone was at the grocery store the other day; wait, why isn’t it that way all the time?

I am pleased to hear about a number of groups that are having on-line events for their youth. Staying in touch at this time when people are isolating themselves is perhaps even more important. Even a phone call to each of your youth members and their families to talk about future plans would be welcome.

We will be holding our Annual General Meeting using teleconferencing on May 2 at 15:00 Toronto time. This will enable us to see and converse and vote as needed. All adult members have a vote. You may attend online or give your proxy to someone who will attend. Thus, the business of Scouting can, at least, carry on. To be ready for the meeting, please see the AGM information package (see below), sent by email to members, which includes the annual report, agenda, notices of motion, and proxy form for those unable to attend.

Minutes from general meetings and Executive Council meetings are available to members on our web site. This includes the draft minutes of the special general meeting held in October, which will be considered at the AGM.

Like many people, I am hoping that the virus issue will be behind us by the summertime and I can get my program back on track. Between now and then, everyone needs to be careful! Be safe.

Rod Smith
National Commissioner