Winter update

Ontario Timber Car Races 2020

The races will be Saturday, February 22 in Tillsonburg. Registrations are due by Wednesday, February 19 (no on-site registration). For details, see Ontario Timber Car Races.

Sledding safely

Unsafe tobogganing is a major cause of serious injuries, in particular, head injuries. On a tobogganing hill that is free of obstacles like trees, these injuries typically happen as a result of riders colliding with each other or being hit with a toboggan or sled. For safe sledding, we recommend:

  • Use a safe hill, free of obstacles and with an open stopping area at the bottom.
  • One rider at a time going down the hill. This includes no sleds with multiple riders or trains of multiple sleds at one time.
  • No heavy sleds such as wood or aluminum toboggans or GT Racers.
  • Always go down feet first (broken ankles are much better than broken necks).
  • Adult supervision to ensure these safety rules are followed.

Call for volunteers for committees

We have several new committees working on different aspects of Scouting. To get involved, contact the committee chair:


Primary Scouter training comes in two parts: Part I and Part II. If you have completed Part I, we invite you deepen your knowledge of Scouting by taking Part II. This has been tentatively scheduled for July 10-12, 2020. Details to follow. For information, contact Rod Smith.

Otter handbook

Reminder: Feedback is wanted on the new Otter handbook.

Discounted software

TechSoup Canada provides software to charities, such as our Scouting association, at discounted prices. For information, see the TechSoup Canada web site. If you need any help with this, contact Timothy "TJ" Cowen of our Woodstock group.