Greetings from the Commissioner

Rod Smith in Scouting uniform wearing a Christmas hat

Dear Friends & Fellow Scouters,

At this time of year, Scouting takes an interesting turn. At our Christmas campfire, I get to catch up with all of the parents. I get to dress up as Santa and give out the timber car kits as presents. I am pretty sure they know it's me. I hope that all of you enjoy the season as well.

It was great to have so many attend the recent special general meeting either in person, by video, or by proxy. The participatory democracy that we have serves to distinguish us in the world of Scouting. It is what attracts people to our association, as we have seen. That said, we, Executive Council, don't intend to have further meetings like this outside of our usual AGM now that we have attended to a significant quantum of accumulated Scouting business. This included many changes to the existing bylaws and policies, and I appreciated the work Scouter Liam Morland put into this and everyone's patience as we went through the details.

I am pleased to say also that we have been accepted as prospective members of the World Federation of Independent Scouts (WFIS). A thanks to Scouter Kim Griffiths for her efforts in this regard. More will follow regarding WFIS in the future from Scouter Kim. Please read this Season’s Greetings message from WFIS President Klaus Tegeder.

In keeping with my desire that our association be as inclusive as possible, we have or will have working groups or committees for many aspects of our program. These include uniform, training, future events, honors and awards, and others. Anyone having an interest in one of these areas would be welcome to be in touch. As an all-volunteer association, we often know what we have to do but time and energy dictate when we can get to it. Our Executive Council is somewhat unique in that all of us have our own weekly meeting(s) with our youth; this keeps us immersed in the reality of working with young people.

As you may have heard, our association now has a new name: "Canadian Traditional Scouting Association". This better reflects who we are and what we do. As our association continues to grow and spread out across the country, we will have to continue to work hard at being the organization we have set out to be. However, as I have said to many association members, let's choose the problems we want to have.

I wish everyone all the best in the coming year.

Scouter Rod Smith